Consent management
This guide is aimed to walk you through the process of adding a Consent activity to your project and editing already created Consent activities.
Once you have set up your project, you will have the option to add new activities to it. Choose the button New that is located in the top right corner of the Engage window. Select Consent from the Blank activity dropdown menu to set up the consent process and settings for your project.
New consent
1. Title section allows you to insert the name of the activity and provide a short description.
All of the language variants that are filled in during the first step will require a consent document to be added during the second step.
2. The next step is to upload the Consent document for all of the language variants that were filled in during the first step.
3. Control who will be able to complete the consent activity.
This section allows the administrator to control the functionality of registering participant activity submissions about participants authorised on Engage by the administrator themselves.
Read more about Registering participant activity submissions.
Edit consent
Once published, the Consent activity can be edited by selecting any free space on the Consent card.
Edit consent view will next be opened where it is possible to update the sections Title and Short description for all language variants of the activity and change the settings for permissions to register consent submissions about autorised participants of the project.
Consent documents cannot be altered, once they have been uploaded to a Consent activity and it together with the project have been made available to participants.

To ensure absolute transparency, consent documents cannot be altered and re-uploaded, once the project and the Consent activity have been published and made available for participants. For that reason, cases where Consent documentation requires changes call for a new project and new Consent activity to be created.
Unpublish consent
It is possible to unpublish the Consent activity by using the slider in the top-right corner of the window in the Edit consent view.