Export data
Learn how to download the activity results in a processing-friendly format.
The Activity submissions can be easily exported in an Excel or JSON file format from the Participant list and activity Participants views of the project. These sections, as well as the advanced filtering functionality can be accessed when selecting the number of participants displayed in the bottom part of each Project and Activity card respectively.
The participant list of an activity can be accessed from the Activity card and Project card.

To access the participant list from the Project card, you must filter out a single activity to enable the Download button.
Export options provide:
- Export all submissions or filtered submissions,
- Output generation in Excel or JSON format.
Response export functionality is not available for some activity types, for example, the Consent activity results cannot be exported.
Export all submissions
This export option triggered when selecting the button Export [number] results provides a file containing all of the activity submissions ever made.
For example, if one of the participants has completed the same activity multiple times, this export file will contain all of the responses, and each of them will be assigned their own number and will be displayed in a separate row.
Export filtered submissions

The submitted responses can be filtered and exported by various parameters, such as regular Activity, Participant, Response alert, Date, Activity type filters and advanced Each participant's recent answers and URL variables filters.
Once the filter selection has been made, the exporting can be triggered by the button Export [number] results which after applying various filters will contain the number of submissions that match the filter selection.

Read more about the various Filtering options available.
It is important to label the questions and pre-defined answers thoroughly via the Activity element settings functionality to make it easier to navigate the exported data.
Excel exports
All answers exported in Excel will contain two sheets. The participant responses will be compiled in the sheet named Data. If any cells of the Excel sheet with the participant responses are empty, the answer to the specific question has not been provided.
If the Response alerts, Calculated answers and URL variables have been developed for the activity, the data generated by these features will also be displayed in the Excel data export files in separate right-most columns.
The activity legend - a list of all of the Name and Value elements of the activity - will be compiled in the sheet named Legend.
It is generally advisable to avoid changing the question "Name" values, question types and deleting the questions after data gathering with the activity has been started.

Read more about the effect of changing question "Name" values, changing question types or deleting the questions after the activity dissemination has already been started.
JSON exports
Activity responses can also be exported in JSON format which is a format that allows storing data in readable text format that can be easily generated and processed by various systems. The the participant will not answer a certain optional question, it will not be included in the JSON code of the response.

		"label": "ICD Code",
		"key": "icd",
		"type": "icd",
		"options": [{
				"key": "A02",
				"label": "A02: Other salmonella infections"
			}, {
				"key": "A038",
				"label": "A038: Other shigellosis"

If the Response alerts, Calculated answers and URL variables have been developed for the activity, the data generated by these features will also be displayed in the JSON export files as a separate code element.

      "height_cm": {
        "answer": 175,
        "answer_value": 175,
        "question": "Please indicate your height (cm)",
        "question_value": "height_cm",
        "type": "text"
      "weight_kg": {
        "answer": 40,
        "answer_value": 40,
        "question": "Please indicate your weight (kg)",
        "question_value": "weight_kg",
        "type": "text"
      "person": 1497,
      "created_at": "2022-06-15T08:51:02.244253+00:00",
      "BMI calculation": 13.1