Survey management
This guide is aimed to help you create a new survey and utilize the available options.
Once you have set up at least one project, you can add surveys that contain multiple data entry forms. They will help you to collect necessary data from your patients in a dynamic manner.
To review and edit all the surveys of your project, in the section Developed projects choose the View activities option on the relevant project card.
Create a survey
In the upper right corner of the Activities page you can add new elements. Select Survey from the drop-down list.
1. Survey title
Add the Survey title and Survey description of your survey in as many language variants as necessary. Select Continue to proceed to the next step, once all the necessary information has been inserted.
2. Survey questions
Use the toolbox situated on the right side of the page to develop your survey.
- Add data input forms, choose preferred question types, e.g. Radiogroup, Matrix etc;
- To structurize your questions you can separate them into pages, give them names to guide participants through the survey flow;
- Add visuals, languages, question logic, validation;
- Use the Test Survey tab to make sure your survey looks and works well;
- Use the JSON Editor tab to work with the survey in JSON if this option is better for you;
- Use the Translation tab to translate your survey questions to the languages selected for your organisation;
- Utilize many other useful options.
Select Continue to move to the next step.
The survey will not be seen by the participants until it has been published.

Unpublished surveys can be seen on the project Activities view as drafts. Drafts and published surveys can be edited at any time.
Once you have completed your survey, click on the button Save to create your survey in the project. Use the slider next to the Save button to publish it.
Edit a survey
Edit your survey by clicking on any free space of the necessary Survey card. You will be guided to the Edit Survey view.
Unpublish a survey
Once you have completed gathering information from your participants you can unpublish your survey by using the slider in the top-right corner of the Edit Survey view - the participants will no longer be able to fill the survey anew, but they will be able to review their answers on the Completed activities section of the project page.