Setting up webhooks for project notifications
Learn how to configure webhooks to ensure timely and efficient delivery of project-related notifications to participants.
Webhooks are an ideal solution for customizing notification delivery, whether you prefer email notifications adhering to your design guidelines or utilizing iFrame integration without disclosing personal data to our platform. By leveraging webhook integration, you can maintain control over personal information within your system while receiving timely notifications about project events. Furthermore, with webhook functionality, you can manage preferred notification methods from your system based on user preferences and system capabilities.

Follow our step-by-step instructions to effortlessly set up webhooks and enhance communication throughout your project lifecycle.
Webhook configuration

When communication webhook is activated, Engage will perform a POST request to the partner's endpoint. The posted data corresponds to the following schema:

    "participant_id": "str",
    "activity_slug": "str",
    "project_slug": "str",
    "notification_type": "str",
    "activity_name_translations": dict,
    "project_name_translations": dict,
    "message_text": "str",
The participant_id is the ID initially provided by the Partner during authentication.
The activity_slug and project_slug are useful if you need to construct a link to the activity in Engage.

The notification_type is one of:
1. activity_available - when a new scheduled or delayed activity is available to participant.
2. on_behalf - when administrator registers activity in the participant timeline.

The activity_name_translations contains an object with translations. Choose the appropriate language key from the translations object according to the language you are doing communication with the Participant.

    "default": "Side effects questionnaire",
    "lv": "Blakusparādību anketa"
The project_name_translations contains an object with translations.

    "default": "Our questionnaires",
    "lv": "Mūsu anketas"
The message_text parameter represents the HTML email body written in the organization's default language, which Longenesis would have sent had the communication webhook not been activated. However, you have the flexibility to craft your own notification message according to your preferences. Feel free to customize the message content as desired.
While our standard message includes links to Engage, integrated solutions necessitate links directing to your portal instead. Be mindful of this distinction when crafting your notification messages.
Our team is ready to provide you assistance in any of the steps and would gladly guide you through the process.

Do not hesitate to contact us via support@longenesis.com if you have any questions or any help is required.
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