SMS notifications
This page will serve as a guide on how to enable SMS notifications in your organisation.
The Engage platform supports various methods for communicating with the project participants, one of them being SMS notifications - a feature available to verified Engage customers with whom an additional agreement has been made about utilising this service. This feature allows the administrators to stay connected with participants of their projects and keep participants informed about news in their project timelines directly through text messages.
How do SMS notifications work on Engage

When the SMS notification feature is enabled in an organisation, administrators are able to activate the SMS communication method in all projects of the organisation. With the feature enabled, participants of the project are informed via text messages about new activity on their project timeline.
Read about the Project timeline and activities as experienced by the participants of Engage projects.
Notifications are sent to participants in their preferred communication language as set in their profiles.

Currently, SMS notifications support English and Latvian languages. However, due to symbol count limitations, if a participant selects a language other than English or Latvian, SMS notifications will be sent in English.
When are SMS notifications sent

SMS notifications are sent when:
- New activities are unlocked in the participants' timelines. Read more about Activity conditions - simple time frame conditions and advanced time sensitivity conditions.
- Administrators register participant activity in participants' timelines. Read more about Registering participant activity submissions.
How to enable SMS notifications in your organisation

To enable SMS notifications in your organisation and agree on the additional charges of using the functionality, reach out to support@longenesis.com.
How to activate SMS notifications in your projects

After the SMS notification functionality is enabled in your organisation, you will be able to activate SMS notifications in all projects of your organisation. Find out how to do that in the page Create a project.
Our team is ready to provide you assistance in any of the steps and would gladly guide you through the process.

Do not hesitate to contact us via support@longenesis.com if you have any questions or any help is required.
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