Best practice for custom activity creation
This flow will help you get into the mindset of best practice for custom activity creation. Follow the below sequence of steps for tips on how to approach and explore the possibilities of custom activities that the Engage platform supports, as well as other advice.
1. Develop the text and overall structure
We advise to, first of all, create the textual input and overall structure for all of the elements that are planned in the activity.

Utilize the countless options of the HTML survey element, use the option to add new pages in order to create a thematically coherent message.
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2. Produce the necessary translations
Now that the content of the activity has been polished, it is the right time to make it accessible to audiences of different language backgrounds.

Visit the tab Translation and translate the activity manually or apply the Export to CSV / Import form CSV functionality.

Our suggestion to leave all translations for later is well-founded, as it is the best approach in order to save time and avoid countless edits of other language versions in case any changes are made in the default language variant.

NB! Make sure to precisely duplicate the content of the HTML elements to other language variants used in your project so that they are displayed the same in all languages. The only exception is the textual input, which, of course, needs to be translated to other languages.
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3. Create a personalized "Thank you" message for participants
It is time for an essential part of developing a custom activity in your project - setting up the "Thank you" message.

This is a valuable tool for providing a final message to the participants or expressing gratitude for the time they have devoted towards the project.
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4. Test the activity and make the necessary adjustments
Now that the project activity has been completed, it is high time to see how the work you have done translates to the participant experience.

Visit the section Preview and see for yourself what the participants will see.

Don't hesitate to involve other people in the testing phase as they will be able to provide an outside perspective on details that might evade you due to your proximity to production process.
We will be happy to assist you in case of any questions or issues.

Please e-mail us at support@longenesis.com.
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