Advanced conditions
This guide will help you with setting up more advanced logic relationships between all of the activities of your project.
What are the benefits of this feature?
  • Increased control over the participant experience
    Conditions builder allows you to set up a conditional sequence of activities and control how the participants of the initiative will experience the whole project flow. This is a useful tool for designing a streamlined participant experience.
  • Intuitive project design
    Conditions builder is a great instrument of building an intuitive and logical project design. From simple controls over the number of times a specific project activity is available to a participant to intricate Conditional expressions, make sure that the project flow is detailed and polished to ensure its success, as well as excellent participant experience.
Advanced conditions allow you to regulate the relationships between the elements of the project on a more detailed level. Find the option Manage conditions available when clicking on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of an Activity card or select the button Conditions located in the top-right corner of the page in the Activities view of your project.
Once a set of rules has been created, a robot icon will appear in the top-right corner of each activity card that has conditions applied.
Create Advanced conditions

Fill the mandatory field Select activity to enable any of the conditions available to start constructing more complicated visibility conditions between the project activities.

Explore in detail how to apply the capabilities of the Conditions builder.
The conditions added with the Condition builder control the visibility of the available activities only to the participants of the project.

As an Administrator you will be able to add submissions about the participants without any limitations at any time. Read more about Registering participant activity submissions.
Our team is ready to provide you assistance in any of the steps and would gladly guide you through the process.

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