This guide is aimed to help the researcher to join the platform.
Researchers can register on the Engage platform by going to Engage Longenesis.

After reaching the page the researcher will see the "Register as researcher" button on the card in the right upper corner of the page. The researcher gets referred to the Sign-up page.

Sign Up
To register in the Engage platform follow these steps:
1. Click the Sign-up button;
2. Enter the email address;
3. Create a strong password that fits the security requirements;
4. Click Continue.
It is possible to pick the "Continue with Google" option and skip the steps mentioned above.
Terms and Conditions
Before continuing the registration process User is presented with the Terms and Conditions of the Engage platform. Take time to read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before clicking the I ACCEPT button.
Finish your account
Before you start to create new studies, set up your profile and language settings.

Once the user has signed up it is necessary to select the languages in which your organization is planning to address your participants.
One language has to be selected as default. If you are planning to create studies in multiple languages you can add those to the list at this step or edit them later in the organization profile.
Representative information
The user has to finish the profile and fill out the following fields:
- Organisation name: Enter the title of your organization;
- Website: Add the URL to the website of your organization;.
- First name and Last name;
- Job title: What is your role in the organization;
- Contact phone: Enter the contact phone number with the country code.

A slug is a URL friendly version of the organisation name, but a slug can be anything you like. Slugs are meant to be used in URLs as they help describe what the content at the URL is. Enter your preferred slug that will be used for your organisation invitation link.

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