Register participant activity submissions
Learn how to enter information about authorised participants via registering the participant activity submissions.
Setting up the permissions to complete the activity

The functionality of registering participant activity submissions can be controlled in the Settings section of a new project activity.
For some activity types the only available element in the activity settings is the permissions for completing the activity.

For the Consent activity type, the Settings contain only the section regulating who is permitted to complete the activity.
Only administrators - enabled
If the boolean Only administrators is enabled, the participants will be able see the activity, but it will appear as locked notifying that it is intended to be completed by the administrator.
Only administrators - disabled
If the boolean Only administrators is disabled, the participants will be able see and access the activity as usually. However, the administrators will be also able to complete it about the specific participant.
Registering participant activity submissions is possible only for activities that are intended for authorized participants and are placed in projects that have the setting "I will use full data of participants' profiles". Read more on Project activity settings and Project settings.
Adding a participant activity submission

Participant activity submissions can be registered from the Manage projects section - the administrator panel - in the left sidebar of the Engage window. Select the button Add submission on the activity card of interest and proceed with the submission.
Selecting participant

The first step of registering a new activity submission is selecting the participant on whose timeline to add the entry. It is possible to choose from the participants already registered in the organisation or add a new participant.
Select an already existing participant
All of the participants of all of the projects created in your organisation - the ones who will have authenticated with their email addresses in any of the organisation's projects and the new participants registered by the administrator when entering new activity submissions - will appear in the list of the existing participants found in the drop-down list Select participant.
Add a new participant
Choosing to add a new participant will open a window of a new participant registration form. Fill the form at your discretion.
The form contains the following fields and elements.

- Unique identification number. (Required.) It is necessary to assign a unique identification number to the participant. It can be the patient's personal ID number, ID number in the patient portal of a healthcare institution or a number of any other identification system of your choice. If left empty, the ID number will be automatically generated.
- Name. Surname. Email. (Optional.) Add the participant's name, surname and email address if you prefer to store identifiable information.
- Notes. (Optional.) Add any other additional information about the participant.
If a more detailed profile information needs to be gathered about the participants, contact us via support@longenesis.com.
- Create an account for participants with known email addresses. If the participant's email address is added to the profile, it will be possible to create an Engage account and link it to the participant's email address entered in the form by selecting Create account.
If the checkbox "Create account" is enabled, the participant's Engage account will be created automatically after the person is registered.

The participant will receive an informative email welcoming them on the Engage platform with instructions about how to access their profile and the timeline of all the projects available to them.
After the participant's profile has been filled, select the option to Register person.
Changing or editing the participant's data and communication settings

Before completing the submission, it is possible to edit or change the participant on whose behalf the activity is being registered and decide on the communication with the participant.
Select the participant ID drop-down menu located in the top-right corner of the New submission view to access additional options.
Change participant. This option will allow to select a different participant of the already existing ones or start creating a new participant ID.
Edit. This option will allow to edit the details of the participant's profile just created.
Send email. This boolean will allow to enable sending an email notification to the participant whose email address has been entered in their profile form, in order to inform them about a new activity submission registered in their project timeline.
Completing the activity submission will serve as the trigger to send the email notification.
Complete the activity

Fill the data in the project activity about the selected participant and choose either to Complete & review report to view the report that will be available to the participant or Complete & add another to proceed to entering a new activity submission.