Edit activity submissions
Learn how to edit activity submissions registered by authorised participants or administrators on behalf of participants.
Project and Activity settings that enable the Editing functionality

The functionality of editing activity submissions is available with the below conditions:
- Project settings: I will use full data of participants' profiles
- Activity settings: Only authorised participants
Read more on the various Project settings and Project activity settings.
Edit activity submissions

To edit activity submissions:

1. View the individual activity submissions from the Project participants section or Participants section of a specific activity and open the individual submission that needs to be edited.
2. Select the button Edit and make the necessary updates in the submission. Select the button Complete at the bottom of the activity submission to save the changes made.
A new informative line Last updated on will appear in the individual submission sheet. It will show the time of the last changes made in the submission and the e-mail address of the organisation's administrator having made the changes.