Activity templates
This page will serve as a guide on how to use the Activity template library on the Engage platform.
The Engage platform accommodates a library of Activity templates for the convenience of the Administrators on the platform. Activity template library is a collection of ready-made Engage activities of various types consisting of the most common and popular standardized health-related surveys that are based on various index formulas and algorithms, as well as other custom activities.
Viewing and browsing through the Activity template library

All of the Administrators on the Engage platform can view and browse through the Activity template library from the Participant view.
The Activity template library can be accessed on this location: https://engage.longenesis.com/templates
Copying the Activity templates to the Administrator's project
The verified Administrators on the Engage platform are enabled to select any of the available Activity templates and copy them to their project. This way the verified Administrators are able to save the time that would be otherwise spent on creating the survey from scratch.
In order to gain the status of a verified Administrator on the Engage platform, reach out to support@longenesis.com.
Steps to take to apply Activity templates
1. Select the button New located in the top-right corner of the Engage window to create a new activity. Next, a pop-up window will be displayed presenting a choice between a Blank activity and Template. Choose the option Template.
2. Browse through the expandable activity type sections and view the available templates.
3. Select the option to View template to open and thoroughly test it from the Participant view.
4. Having reviewed and tested the template from the Participant view, select the option Copy to project located in the top-right corner of the Engage window.
4. Find the draft of the copied template among the activities of your project and adjust it to your specific situation before publishing it.
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