Registration for participants
This guide will help you join the platform and begin your participation in a project.
Reading about the project
The participant can connect to the platform by using a specific link, QR code, or an organization's code provided to them by the researcher - eg., engage.longenesis.com/organization_code
Before logging in, every participant has the opportunity to get familiar with the project while not logged in to be able to make an informed decision about their participation.
However, in order to take part in a project, registering on the platform is necessary. Note that the researcher of the project will then have an opportunity to either opt for using the research data anonymized, i.e., accessing participant ID numbers only, or to be able to access the participants' personal details.
Sign Up

To register onto the Engage platform for the first time, select the Login button in the upper-right or lower-left side of the platform window. After selecting it you will be referred to the Sign-in page where it will be possible to select the option Sign up now.

It is possible to pick the "Sign up with Google" option to make the registration easier.
Next, follow these steps:

1. Enter your e-mail address;
2. Create a strong password that fits the security requirements;
3. Select Sign Up at the bottom of the window to finish the registration.
Sign In

To sign into the Engage platform follow these steps:
1. Click the Login button in the upper-right or lower-left side of the page;
2. Select the Sign In option;
3. Enter your e-mail address;

4. Enter your password;
5. Click Sign In.

It is possible to pick the "Sign in with Google" option to make the signing in easier.
Terms and Conditions
Before continuing the registration process, the participant is presented with the Terms and Conditions of the Engage platform. Take time to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy documentation before clicking the ACCEPT button.
Registration on the platform is necessary to gather as reliable data as possible.

Registration will also ensure a bond between the project administrator and the participants during the project by allowing to provide results, information on new surveys and new educational materials. What is more, registering will enable the participants to control the status of their consent for taking part in the initiatives available on the platform.