Registration for participants
This guide will help you join the platform and begin your participation in research.
Reading about the study
The participant can connect to the platform by using a specific link, QR code, or study tag provided to him or her by the researcher - eg. engage.longenesis.com/studyname
Before logging in every user is able to read the study description and consent documentation by clicking the "Read more" button on the study card, in order to make an informed decision about their participation.


To register and Login in the Engage platform follow these steps::
1. Click the Login button on the sidebar menu;
2. Enter the email address;
3. Create a strong password that fits the security requirements;
4. Click Continue.
It is possible to pick the "Continue with Google" option and skip the steps mentioned above.
Terms and Conditions
Before continuing the registration process user is presented with the Terms and Conditions of the Engage platform. Take time to read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before clicking the I ACCEPT button.
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