Registration for participants
This guide will help you join the platform and begin your participation in a project.
In order to take part in projects, registering on the platform might be necessary. To register onto the Engage platform for the first time, select the Login button in the upper-right or lower-left corner of the Engage window. After that you will be redirected to the Sign-Up page.
Project administrators, researchers or healthcare workers, have the option to either access registered participants' profile information or keep it private.

In the design phase of a project, administrators can choose to access the profile information of registered participants, such as the email address they used to register. Alternatively, administrators can anonymize participant data by setting up the project in such a way that they can view only unique participant ID codes without any identifiable profile information.
Sign Up

There are multiple methods that can be used to sign up in the Engage platform.
Sign Up with an e-mail address
To register in the Engage platform with your e-mail, follow these steps:
1. Click Not a member? Sign up now;
2. Enter your name, surname and email address;
3. Create a strong password that fits the security requirements of the platform;
4. Click Sign up.
It is possible to pick the "Log in with Google" option in the Sign-in page and skip the steps mentioned above.

If "Log in with Google" option is chosen, your Engage profile details will be filled with your Google account details - name, surname and email address.
Sign Up with eParaksts
To register in the Engage platform using the Latvian electronic signature and electronic identification tool eParaksts, follow these steps:
1. Select Log in with Eparaksts;
2. Select one of the authentication methods - eParaksts mobile or eID card and eParaksts card.
For, example, click through the below picture gallery and see the below step-by-step guide about how to authenticate using the eParaksts mobile method.

1. Enter your eParaksts USER NUMBER and select Confirm,
2. Confirm the identification request that the eParaksts mobile app will display on your smart device,
3. Select Agree in the next window that will be displayed about sending your personal data to SIA LONGENESIS.
4. Enter your contact email address and save your profile.
Find out more about the electronic signature and identification tools eParaksts mobile and eID card and eParaksts card in the homepage eparaksts.lv.
Log in

Log in with an e-mail address that has a different domain than Google
To follow this login method:
1. In the Sign-in window enter your e-mail address in the field Email,
2. Select the button Log in,

3. Enter your password and select the button Log in again.
To Log in with Google or Log in with Eparaksts after you have already initially registered on the platform, select the respective button in the Sign-in page and follow the same process as when you registered on the platform for the first time.
Terms and Conditions

Before continuing the registration process, the participant is presented with the Terms and Conditions of the Engage platform. Take time to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy documentation before clicking the ACCEPT button.
Registration on the platform is necessary to gather as reliable data as possible.

Registration will also ensure a bond between the project administrator and the participants during the project by allowing to provide results, information on new activities and new educational materials. What is more, registering will enable the participants to control the status of their consent for taking part in the initiatives available on the platform.
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