Participant list
Learn how to track the participation rates for your project.
Researchers can keep track of the participation rates both at the project and survey level.

Number of project participants
The number of the unique project participants can be viewed at the Developed projects page. It is shown at the bottom of the project card. There the administrator can see the total number of the unique participants.
List of survey participants
The administrator can access the list of survey participants by selecting View activities on the Project card of interest. Next, in the Activities view of the project the administrator can see the number of activity submissions at the bottom of the specific activity card.
By clicking on the number of participants, the administrator can access the full list of activity submissions, the time and status of their survey submission. The administrator can search through the submissions using keywords.
It is important to note the difference between the project participant count and the Survey or Consent activity participant list.

The former shows a number of the unique participants of the project. The latter shows all submissions of the participants. It could mean several filled surveys for one participant if the survey settings allow multiple submissions and all of the actions of given or revoked consent.
Each submission can be selected to review the participant's responses.
Depending on the Survey settings, the administrator will be able to see either the participant's e-mail address (Access setting Only authorised participants) or the Participant ID number (Access setting Without authorisation).
Survey answers in a table view
It is possible to view the survey answers not only as a list of separate submissions, but also review them in a table view. The form of display can be changed from the Project participants section by selecting the table icon located on the top right side of the list of submitted answers.
Table view enables the administrators to better navigate the participants' submissions and filter the necessary set of elements.
Some of the functions that the table view offers include:
- filtering specific answers among all of the submissions with the help of Search function enabled for each question of the survey;
- hiding specific questions from the filtered view by selecting the icon of striked-out eye;
The hidden questions can be re-added to the filtered view by selecting them from the dropdown menu "Show column".
- exporting the filtered information to Excel or CSV format.
The export file will not contain the questions that had been hidden when adjusting the table view.