Participant list
Learn how to efficiently track participant engagement and review submission responses within your projects on the Engage platform.
Administrators can keep track of the participation rates and response submissions both at the project and activity level.
Project participant list

As an administrator, you can easily monitor participant engagement both at the project and activity levels. On the Developed projects page, find the total number of unique participants who have not revoked their consent to participate. This number is displayed at the bottom of each project card.
If an activity allows participation without registration, the participant count on the project card will always display "1".
Review the project participants list
Navigate to the Project participants section for a detailed breakdown of submissions across all activities, including submission titles, statuses, dates, types, and participant email address or ID number depending on the combination of project and activity settings selected. Also review the Response alerts set up for the project activities.
Activity participant list

In the Activities view, administrators can access a list of participants for each activity, along with the number of submitted responses displayed on the activity card. Select the Total submissions button on each activity card to review the submissions.
The number of submissions excludes submissions from participants who have revoked their consent to participate.
Review submissions
Selecting the Total submissions button on any activity allows administrators to view a detailed list of submissions in the Participants section. Here, you can see submission statuses, timestamps, and the participants' email address or ID number depending on the combination of project and activity settings selected, Response alerts set up for the activity.
Note the difference between the number of project participants and the number of activity participants.

Project participants represent unique individuals engaged in the project, while activity participants indicate all submission instances. For instance, multiple submissions from the same participant are counted in activity participants if activity settings allow multiple submissions.
The activity submissions registered by the administrator will also be included in the activity Participant list.
Find out how to Register participant activity submissions.
Filtering options

It is possible to apply various filters in the sections Project participants and activity Participants in order to narrow down specific information.
Filter by activity
In the Project participants view, narrow down submissions to specific activities.
Utilize the options "Apply" and "Apply filters", "Clear all" and "Clear filters" to enable and clear the filter selection.

The options Apply and Apply filters will enable the filters selected in the regular and advanced filter sections accordingly. The options Clear all and Clear filters will swipe the specific filter section or the entire filter selection across regular and advanced filter sections accordingly.
Filter by participant
In the Project participants and activity Participants sections, review responses from specific participants.
Filter by Response alerts
In the Project participants and activity Participants views, focus on submissions triggering specific response alerts.

Read more about Response alerts.
Filter by date
In the Project participants and activity Participants views, filter submissions based on submission dates.
Filter by activity type
In the Project participants view, select submissions based on activity types.
Advanced filtering

The advanced filtering functionality available after selecting the button Filter can be applied in both the Project participants and activity Participants sections.
Each participant's recent answers
This filtering option can be applied to both the Project participants and activity Participants sections. It allows to review the most recent responses from all participants.
Utilize recent answers' filter in activities with multiple submission schedule to narrow down the most recent submissions.
Include archived submissions
This filtering option, that can be applied to both the Project participants and activity Participants sections, allows to view archived activity submissions.
Filter by URL variables
Read more about setting up URL variables in the public sharing links of Engage activities that can later be used to filter out specific response submissions in the Project participants and activity Participants sections.
Filter by answer
In the Project participants and activity Participants sections, filter activity submissions based on specific answers selected in the questions of individual activities or across multiple Project activities. Utilize the intricate conditions builder to construct simple or multi-layer search requests.
Multiple search types are available.
- Submitted answer: look for specific answers given in the submissions.
- Calculated answer: search a specific result of a calculation created in the project activities with help of various comparison operators.

Read more about the comparison operators and explore capabilities of the Conditions builder.
The specific answer filter will be reflected in the Excel/JSON export files, as well.
Detailed submission review

Individual participant submissions can be selected for a detailed review when clicking anywhere on the submission of interest.

Review the individual participant's answers
In the section Answers of the pop-up window displaying the selected submission, the responses given by the specific participant will be seen. The specific submission will also be possible to be downloaded in PDF format.
Depending on the Activity settings, in the detailed submission view either the participant's e-mail addresses (Access setting Only authorised participants) or the Participant ID numbers (Access setting Without authorisation) will be visible.
Review individual Consent submissions
Detailed view
Each Consent activity submission can also be reviewed individually in detail to see the consent document that the specific participant has signed. Additionally, the signed consent document can be downloaded in PDF format.
The Download option facilitates access to all versions of the signed consent for retrieval, documenting all modifications made to the consent decisions over time.
The downloaded consent document will include details regarding the time and method of consent confirmation.

Documents signed with the eParaksts identity will feature an electronic signature timestamp embedded within the PDF file, thus serving as a legally binding document equivalent to a paper document signed by hand. However, documents confirmed with an email account will display an additional information block at the bottom of the document.
Consent activity versions
Whenever a participant changes their choice in the consent questions, the date and time of the last consent update will be visible in the detailed submission view along with the date and time when the consent activity was originally submitted.
Review the Report displayed to the participant
Similarly, in the section Report of the pop-up window, it will be possible to review the report that has been tailored for the specific participant.
Review the detailed profile information of the participant
The detailed profile information of each participant can be accessed in the expandable participant ID section.
If the project settings state that anonymized data about the participants will be used, only the ordinal participant ID number will be displayed.
If the project settings state that full data of the participants' profiles will be used, the participants' email or the ID number assigned by the administrator or auto-generated by Engage will be displayed.
Detailed information on the individual participants can be found in the participant ID section of the individual response window
Activity answers in a table view

Administrators can view participant answers in a table format, enabling easier navigation and filtering of submissions.
Additional functions
Some of the functions that the table view offers include:
- filtering answers among all of the submissions with the help of Search function enabled for each question of the activity;
The specific answer filter operates only in-platform.
After applying the Excel or CSV file export function of the Answers table, all of the submissions will be downloaded.
- hiding questions from the filtered view by selecting the icon of striked-out eye;
The hidden questions can be re-added to the filtered view by selecting them from the dropdown menu Show column.
- exporting the information of table view to Excel or CSV format.
The export file will not contain the questions hidden when adjusting the table view, as well as the participant ID numbers or email addresses. However, the answer filter will not be applied and all of the submitted answers will be downloaded.
Archive activity submissions

It is possible to archive activity submissions made by participants, which, in turn, triggers their permanent deletion in time. Activity submissions can be deleted in the Participants view of an activity or Project participants view of a project. To start the activity submission deletion process:
- Open an individual activity submission,
- Select the bin icon,
- Select the reason for archiving the submission,
- Select Archive.

The activity submission will be archived immediately and will be permanently deleted after 90 days.
When all of a participant's answer submissions are archived, their profile will remain accessible among the project participants for an additional 90 days.

After the 90-day period, both the entire set of archived activities (assuming all activity submissions have been archived) and the participant's profile will be permanently deleted
To retrieve the archived activity submission, reach out to the Longenesis Support team within 90 days.

Contact support@longenesis.com within 90 days after archiving the activity submission to restore it. Note that the process becomes irreversible after 90 days.
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