Simple conditions
This guide will help you create logic relationships between all of the activities of your project.
What are the benefits of this feature?
  • Increased control over the participant experience
    The Manage conditions builder equips the project administrators with valuable controls over the way the participants of the initiative will experience the whole project flow. This is a useful toolbox for designing a straightforward and uncomplicated project flow.
  • Intuitive project design
    Similarly, the Manage conditions builder is a great instrument of building an intuitive and logical project design. From simple controls over the number of times a specific project activity is available to a participant to intricate Conditional expressions, make sure that the project flow is detailed and polished to ensure its success, as well as excellent participant experience.
After having created all project activities, the administrator can apply a set of conditions to regulate the relationships between the elements of their project. Select the option Manage conditions available when clicking on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of an Activity card.

Simple conditions can be accessed also by selecting the button Conditions located in the top-right corner of the page in the Activities view.
Create simple conditions
The platform will require the administrator to fill the mandatory field Select activity and enable at least one of the simple conditions.
Visibility conditions
This condition allows the administrator to define all the other activities that should precede the selected activity.
For example, it is possible to condition the project flow so that it is impossible to select any project activity at random, but make the Consent activity the mandatory first step for all participants. In the same way it is possible to condition follow-up activity to become available only after the initial activity is completed.
Response limits
This condition allows the administrator to limit the number of times participants can complete a specific activity.
Time limit
This condition allows the administrator to set up a timer for when the selected activity will become available to the participants in relation to having completed another activity. For example, this is an excellent way how to schedule a follow-up activity to become available after a specific number of days after having completed the initial survey.
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Change the order of the activities in your project
If necessary, it is possible to change the order of the activities of the project that are available to the participants at the same time. The functionality is available from the Conditions builder icon found in the top-right corner of the window.
Next, by selecting and dragging an activity, it will change its location within the project.
The location of the activities that are always visible can be changed among them and similarly, the location of the activities that have conditions set up regulating their visibility can change places.
Finally, select Save order for the changes to be saved.