Data analytics
This guide will accompany you in exploring the Analytics functionality built into the Engage platform.
What are the benefits of this feature?
Built-in tool
The Analytics section on Engage allows the administrators to generate immediate visual materials based on the received participant responses and gain valuable analytics insights without leaving the Engage platform.
Visuals easy to tailor and download
The visuals generated by the Engage platform can be tailored and downloaded in PNG format to be used in status reports, presentation and informative materials about the project.
For the administrators' convenience, Engage platform provides an in-built data analytics functionality to help you keep track of the response statistics on a survey level. This functionality enables the administrators to review and analyze the survey results without leaving Engage.
Access the Analytics feature
The data analytics feature is displayed as a diagram icon located in the lower left corner of the Survey card. Click on the icon to be guided to the Analytics view.
The analytics icon will be displayed only on those Survey activities for which at least one participant response has been received.
The Analytics view will next visualize all of the survey questions that support visualization. Text responses will not be visualized.
If expressions and calculations have been developed in the section Calculated answers, the calculated values will be also be visualized in this section, as well.
Tailor the visuals to your needs and download the result in PNG format
The Analytics functionality enables the administrators to switch between several options to better display the response statistics.

Change the Locale
This function allows to change the language in which the data is displayed.
Choose the type of the visual
It is possible to select the visualization type which best matches the data compiled with the specific survey question. Choose between a Bar, Pie, Doughnut or Scatter visual.
Select the Order
In order to support your analysis of the survey results, choose to display the data in Ascending or Descending order.
Filter the answers
Choose between either displaying all answers or only Top 5, 10 or 20 depending on the question type and the gathered data.
Download PNG
This function allows to download the filtered visual in PNG format that is easy to further use in presentations or other visual materials. Simply click on the camera icon located on the right side of the widget line that appears when moving the cursor over the data displayed in the visual.