Example 1: Consent activity mandatory before unlocking further activities.
This page will guide you through setting up Advanced conditions for the Example 1.
Project Consent activity mandatory before unlocking further activities
Within this scenario it is possible to make the Project Consent activity the first available activity to the participants. It is possible to make it mandatory to complete before the first scheduled Survey activity, or Survey 1 in this example, becomes available. Next, only after having completed the Survey 1, can the participants access the second scheduled Survey activity, or Follow-up Survey.

It follows, that the Conditions that are set for a specific activity function as the gateway that unlocks it.
1. Access Advanced conditions and select Conditions in the top-right corner of the Activities view or select the Manage conditions section of the project activity for which you would like to set up rules.
2. In the Conditions builder pop-up window select the option to create New and Advanced conditions.
3. Select activity to which this set of rules applies. In this example it is Survey 1 "Depression Questionnaire (PHQ-9) (survey)".
4. Add condition to the first conditional group level already available and select Project Consent (Consent) to be the Activity in the conditional expression. Select the operator is signed from the dropdown menu of the Condition field of the conditional expression. Save the Conditions pop-up window.
With this conditional expression, the Survey activity "Depression Questionnaire (PHQ-9)" has been instructed to become available to the participants only when the Consent activity "Project Consent" has been signed.
5. In the Conditions builder select another New and Advanced condition. Now rules should be set to determine when the Follow-up Survey "Follow-up Questionnaire (PHQ-9) will be visible to the participants.
Select one Add conditions element with the conditional criterion And. Set up this survey to be visible, once the "Depression Questionnaire (PHQ-9) (survey)" has been completed 30 days ago and select Save.
In result, the Conditions set has been created. Now the participants will be able to access Project consent first, after which the Survey 1 "Depression Questionnaire (PHQ-9)" will become available. Next, 30 days after having filled the Survey 1, the Survey 2 "Follow-up Questionnaire (PHQ-9)" will be unlocked.
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