Integration style settings
This section offers an overview of the settings that are available for styling the integrated Engage content.
Manage style settings
The Engage integration functionality allows to adjust the style settings of the integrated Engage content according to the design concept of your web application.

Some examples of tailored style settings are summarized below.
The above examples are an approximate interpretation of the capabilities that the style setting management feature entails. However, additional style settings can be applied for the needs of your project or research initiative.
First and foremost, it is possible to adjust the height, width and position, as well as other parameters of the iFrame right into your web application. Whereas, Engage will enable managing the following additional parameters:

1. Primary color: the color of the buttons, highlighted questions, progress bar.
2. Font of the text: It is possible to specify the font, but please note that only those fonts that are free of charge can be applied.
3. The free space around the Engage element or padding: The distance from the Engage element to the borders of the iFrame itself can be defined.
4. The design of the button: width, height, usage of letters for the text (upper/lower case).
5. Design of the iFrame inner rim: rounded edges, border weight. If you wish to have a frame for the Engage content, it would be more convenient to define it right into your Portal, but Engage also allows defining these parameters.
To tailor the abovementioned style settings of the integrated activities, please reach out to the Longenesis Support team.

Please contact us via support@longenesis.com about how style settings should be adjusted.
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