Best practice for successful communication
This flow will help you get into the mindset of best practice for successful communication with participants.
It is very important to give the right information at the right moment to interest your audience and keep the communication alive. Here are some general tips on how to approach the informative material development.
  • Social media and posters as the main entry point
    Let your visuals do the main talking! The visual or poster will be your main asset and the eye-catcher. Thus, it should include only the most important information – who and why are invited to participate. All the practical information about the length of the survey, the researchers and the aim of the project can be added in the caption of the post but remember that your main goal is to attract people to enter the Engage platform and for that it is important not to scare them off with too many details. Normally people are more interested to deep dive in the details when they have already left social media and are out of their entertainment mood.
    NB! Use QR codes only for visuals that are meant to be used as printed materials.
  • Description of the project on the Engage platform
    The description of the project in the Engage platform, however, needs to be more detailed and answer all the main questions the potential participants might have. The structuring of the information is also an important craft. Start with everything related to the project's aim and how the participant can contribute to it. This includes also all the practical details e.g., the timeline of the project, the participation requirements, follow-ups etc. Mind that it is also worth to reassure people about data security before asking them to submit their data and consent. Although most of this information will be covered by the digital consent document as well, make sure that you still have a plainly worded summary in the project description, so people don't get scared off by too much legal lingo.
  • Thank you notes
    Thank you notes can help you drive the engagement of your participants for follow-ups in lengthy research initiatives or just any future projects where you might need to engage the same audience again. It is worth spending time to make a hearty and informative thank you message at the end of the surveying process. What is more, the Engage platform allows you to divide your participants in groups and show them different information depending on the point system you might choose to adapt in your survey. In case you might be doing a follow-up in the future, this is also the right time and place to inform or remind your participants about everything still coming up.
  • Result summaries
    Result summary is a crucial component to get better engagement in your future projects. In case you are doing a longitudinal study, any in-between result summary might also help to boost your participants' morale to continue their participation. Result summaries should be considered just common courtesy and a way to thank people for taking their time to participate because let's be honest – they are the key to the researchers' success.
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