Time-series data analysis
This guide is designed to provide insights into the Time-series visualization feature on Engage.
Key benefits
  • Comprehensive analysis
    The Time-series data analysis feature enables administrators to delve deep into participant responses over time, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of trends and patterns.
  • Enhanced insights
    By visualizing changes in responses over time, administrators can gain valuable insights into participant behaviors, preferences, and trends, driving informed decision-making.
The Time-series data analysis feature in Engage is a tool designed to visualize numerical data entered in Rating and Single Line Input questions with Number input type, as well as Calculated answers' results over time.
To access the Time-series analysis feature, select the button Total submissions on the desired project activity card and navigate to the Analytics tab. The Time-series analysis (per person) option will be auto-enabled with the option to disable it if not necessary.
Please note that this feature is not available for the Consent activity.
Time-series overview

Upon selection, the Time-series functionality generates a distinct graph for each participant in the activity. These graphs display the participant's responses to Rating and Single Line Input questions (with input type Number), as well as the numeric results of Calculated answers. Each graph presents data on a timeline, with individual lines corresponding to specific questions and Calculated answers.
Customization options

Administrators have the flexibility to customize the graph according to their preferences and analysis requirements.

Toggle question visibility
Each question and Calculated answer is represented by a separate line in the graph. Hide or show individual lines by clicking on the specific legend, allowing for focused analysis and comparison.
Review detailed data insights
Hover over each data point on the graph lines to summon a data card, revealing crucial details such as the date and time of entry, along with the corresponding question or Calculated answer name.
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