Available projects
This guide will help you find available projects and learn more about them.
Participants can connect to the platform by using a specific link, QR code, or an organization's code provided to them by the project administrator - e.g., engage.longenesis.com/organization_code
After accessing the specific organization's page via one of the above-described methods, participants will be able to access all the projects available within the organization that has invited them to the platform. One organization can conduct multiple projects at the same time.
The participant can then view the project by selecting the specific project card.
Each participant can thoroughly read the description of the project to improve their understanding of the process and the associated benefits and risks, and get familiar with the Available activities that the project administrator has decided to share at this view. The activities can be accessed by selecting Start on the specific activity card.
If the participant decides to take part in the project, they have to register onto the platform to proceed. That can be easily done by selecting Log in to participate at the bottom of the preview of the available activities. Similarly, the registration can be accessed by selecting the Login option in the upper-right and lower-left side of the window.
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