How Engage Works
This guide is made for you to understand the basic functions and roles within the platform, and to understand the opportunities it provides.
Digital patient engagement platform that enables clinical investigators, healthcare institutions, patient organizations, etc. to conduct multiple research projects, funnel patient cohorts for upcoming studies, follow-up and re-engage the participants, and manage their consent while upholding the data protection regulations and privacy requirements.

So how does it work?
1. Researchers can create studies, add multiple languages, data entry forms, create logic, and funnel participants to generate RWD for research, collect patient-reported outcomes, conduct population studies.
2. Researchers can then onboard the participants, track and manage consent documents and participation status of the patients through the administrative panel.
3. Patients/participants can connect to the researchers or organization page by using a unique link, and see the available studies. Patients can read study details, consent documents and proceed to view available data entry forms in the study.
Participation is completely voluntary and the patient is able to revoke consent at any time.
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