My organisation
The description of your organisation helps other organisations, as well as participants to find out more about your organisation and understand your role in it.
The My organisation page is situated in the left navigation bar under the section Settings.

Language settings of the organisation

This page allows you to manage the Organisation's default language settings and add Additional languages (optional) in which your organisation operates and intends to produce projects on the platform. If you switch language settings here, it will impact all of your projects.
To change the default language of the organisation, reach out to support@longenesis.com.

If your organisation and projects have initially been set up with several languages and any of them is removed at a later stage, it will also become unavailable in all of the projects created.

Mindfulness is advised when editing language settings in a scenario with active projects that are in progress and if any of the organisation's lagnuages are removed.
Company and Account information

It is also possible to edit the Company (optional) and Account information.
It is necessary to log out and log back in the platform for the updated language settings to take effect.
Organisation slug

In the section Slug for your organisation invitation link, it is possible to review the slug, or in other words code of your organisation. It is the code that denotes your organisation's space on Engage and appears in the Public sharing link of your projects and activities depending on their Visibility settings.

Below is an example of a direct link to an Engage organisation. The element demo in the link denotes the organisation slug.
The organisation slug can be changed after having created the organisation.

To change the organisation slug, please reach out to our Support team at support@longenesis.com.

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