My organisation
Your organisation details help other organisations and participants understand more about your organisation and your role in it.
The page My organisation can be accessed when selecting your profile icon at the bottom-left corner of the window, once you have signed into the Engage platform.

This page enables you to manage the Organisation's default language settings and Additional languages (optional) in which your organisation operates and intend to produce projects on the platform. If you switch language settings here, it will impact all of your projects.
In this page it is also possible to edit the Company and Account information.
It is necessary to log out and log back in on the platform for the updated language settings to take effect.
If your organisation and projects were initially set up with two languages and one of them were removed at a later stage, it would also become unavailable in all of your projects.

If your organisation setup and projects initially had several languages, e.g., English and German, and German were removed after already having set up some projects, then this language will also automatically become unavailable in all of your existing projects. Therefore, mindfulness is advised when editing language settings in a scenario with active projects that are in progress.