Conditional reports
This guide will assist you with preparing and individualizing reports for your participants based on the answers they have submitted.
Administrators can create a report message to be displayed to the participants after completing the survey. The report can contain any kind of information, depending on what is necessary to be conveyed. It could be additional information, advice, an outline of the next study steps, recommendations, etc.
Editing options
It is possible to edit the message with help of various options in the editing bar.

Text editing
This section allows to format the message with help of the most common formatting options.
Insert link
This option allows to provide the participants with additional external information via links.
Insert image and Insert media
These options allow to complement the message with embedded visual aids - images or videos - to help better convey the idea of the participant report.
Source code
This option allows to view and edit the message in the form of source code, thus, enabling the vast formatting possibilities of the HTML code.
It is possible to create a single report to convey the same information to all participants in the project, however, if necessary, the participant reports can be built as intricate as necessary and can be varied by conditional expressions.
Conditional reports
Engage platform provides the functionality of adding personalised participant report texts that can be modified by logical conditional expressions based on the participants' answers provided in the survey.

Add new section

The participant report view enables the administrators to add as many sections of the report as there are scenarios that call for different information to be displayed to participants.
Apply Expressions
If Calculated answers section has been developed in the survey, it is possible to add the calculation that is based on the responses that the participant has given to the participant report. This can be a useful way how to display an index, percentage of risk and other values that have been calculated.
Set Conditions
Next, the conditional expressions have to be set up for each part of the report, the display of which should depend on the specific answers given by the participants. Select Conditions in the top-right side of the necessary report block to access the Condition builder.
Choose the conditional expression to be based either on the survey Questions or Calculated answers if such have been developed in the survey.
When the necessary conditional expressions have been built, select Apply to save the changes made.
If no conditions are added to a report block, it will always be visible to the participants.
Add "else"
Once a set of conditions has been added to a report block, for the Administrators' convenience it is possible to choose the Add "else" option that will at this point become available on top of the report block.
This way it is possible to give the report builder a command of what to do in case any other scenarios occur apart from the just specified one.
It is really important and valuable to provide tailored feedback to your participants to make them feel engaged, informed, and heard and to ensure that they would be interested in future initiatives.