Create a project
This guide is aimed to help you create a new project and add necessary details to make it more engaging for participants.
A new project can be created in the Manage projects page. In the upper right corner of the page, the New project option is available.

Create a new project

1. Project name
In the New project view fill in the fields Project title and Short description in all of the desired language variants of the project. The button Next will become available, once all of the required fields are filled.
AI assistant for efficiency, time saving and clarity
Choose to Enable AI assistant to boost the efficiency of project text creation. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool will serve as an aid in crafting in crafting compelling project titles and descriptions effortlessly and maximizing the impact of your initiatives with clear and well-formulated information.

To utilize the AI assistant's help:
- Select Enable AI assistant.
- Enter either the Project title or the Short description.
- Prompt your AI assistant to create "AI generated description (from project title)", "AI generated title (from project short description)" and "AI generated long description (from project short description)" in the project creation steps Project name and Full project description.

- Allow the AI assistant to also generate the project title, short description and full description in other languages enabled in your organisation. Prompt your AI assistant to create AI generated title, AI generated description, and AI generated long description in the project creation steps Project name and Full project description.
2. Full project description
Proceed to add a Full project description or prompt the AI assistant to generate the information for you. Make sure that the process of the project, participation requirements, proposed timeframe are sufficiently explained, and also state the purpose and benefits of taking part in the project.
If the Project title and Short description sections of a secondary language are left empty, having selected to view the project in one of the secondary languages, the participants will see the information in the default language of your organisation.
Utilize the editing options to develop a cohesive project description:
- change the size of the text, add typographical emphasis and bullet points;
- supplement the text with links and other media;
- explore and utilize the vast editing options that HTML code provides.
After the description is completed, select the option Next, which will become available when the required project description field is filled.
This step is essential and can highly influence the participation rates and retention of the participants for future initiatives.

Ensure that the process, benefits, and potential risks of the project are clearly explained.
3. Authorisation methods
Enable the pop-up message that will be displayed to participants before authorising on Engage and explain the authorisation methods allowed in the specific project and their effect on the participation.
Authorisation method descriptions can come in handy if, for example, there is a eParaksts Consent activity in the project which may be completed only if the participant has authorised with their eParaksts identity.
Read more about the authorisation methods available to the participants.
If at least one authorisation method is enabled and described, the pop-up message will be displayed to participants who access the specific project link right before logging onto Engage.
4. Settings
Choose the settings for participant profile data visibility and the visibility of the project.
What participants' profile details will be made available.
If the option I will use anonymised data about participants is chosen, the unique Participant ID number will be the only identifier of the participants. With this setting applied, in case a participant withdraws their participation and joins the project anew, the platform will assign a new unique Participant ID number to them.
Once the new project is created, the participant profile data visibility choice cannot be changed by the administrator.

In case this setting has to be changed after the project has already been created and you wish to access the participants' profile details after all, e.g., to follow up about the project or other future initiatives, submit a request to our support team at support@longenesis.com.
Define Where this project will appear.
The administrator can choose, whether the project will be public to all users having accessed the organisation's page on the Engage platform or available only via a link:
- Select the option Only via link if you want to engage participants by sending personal invitations and/or sharing links and QR codes with a specific audience.
- Select the option Public on the organisation's page if you wish your project to be visible to all participants who visit your organisation's page on Engage.

In what format would you like to send project notifications to your participants?
This project setting allows the administrator to choose the best communication method with the participants of each project and define if an how they would like the participants to receive notifications about unlocked activities in the participants' project timelines or activity submissions made by administrators about the participants.

- Don't send: choose this option to send no notifications to the project participants.
- By email: opt for this method to enable notifications to the participants' email addresses.
- SMS: select this option to inform participants via text messages directly to their mobile phones.
Read more about the SMS notifications functionality or reach out to support@longenesis.com to find out how to start using this feature right away.
Once SMS notifications are enabled in a project, a pop-up window will be displayed to participants who access the project for the first time asking to add their phone number to their profile if it is not already done.

Read more about the participants' experience with the SMS notifications in the page Project timeline and activities.
Finally, to create the new project, select the option Create project at the bottom of the project creation page.
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