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This guide is aimed to help You create a study project and add necessary details to make it more engaging for participants.
You can create a new study by going to a Summary page. In the upper right corner of the page, you will see the New study button.

All of the languages selected in your organization profile will be available in the study creation form. You have to add the information in your default language. Other languages are optional, however additional languages will help you reach more participants. If language texts are left empty, the participant will see information in the default language.

1. Add the Name and the Short Description for your study.

2. Proceed to add a Full study description. Explain the process of the study, participation requirements, proposed timeframe, and also explain the purpose and benefits of the project..
This step is extremely important and can highly influence the participation rates and the retention of the patients for further initiatives.

Enensure that the process, the benefits, and the risks of the study are clearly explained.
3. Add the Consent documents to the study by adding the file from your device. This document will be viewed by the participant before agreeing to be a part of the study.
The uploaded consent documents can not be changed. Make sure the contents of the document are correct.
4. Set the Participant Privacy Protection settings for the study - the researcher can choose whether he or she is planning to use personal data, such as email and other information, or the study will be completely anonymous.
The participants will see which setting was applied to this study, however, this setting does not apply to the survey questions created by researcher.

After the study has been created this setting can't be changed. It can be done by submitting a request to our team by contacting us via support@longenesis.com.
5. Define Visibility settings for the study - researcher can select whether the study is public to all users or is available only via the link:
- By selecting the option "Public on the organization's page" your study will be visible to everyone who logins to your organization's page.
- Select option "Only via link" if you want to engage participants by sending personal invitations and/or sharing links and QR codes to a particular audience.
6. If you want to publish your study immediately use the slider in the upper right corner of the page. You will be able to change it later.
7. Click button Create study to complete study creation.
8. After clicking the Create study button you will be directed to the Surveys page.
Edit study
The study can be reviewed on the summary page. Edit your study at any time by clicking on the three dots and the Edit button on the study card.
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