Reports and point system
How to prepare and individualize reports for your participants?
Researchers can create a report for the participant, which can contain any kind of information, depending on what the researcher would like to tell. It could be additional information, advice, an outline of the next study steps, recommendations, etc.

It is possible to create a generic report that would be the same for every participant in the study.
In addition to that, the researcher can create result-specific reports.
This can be implemented through a point system:
- Researchers assign certain point amounts for certain responses in the questionnaire, the points are later summarized, and if the number falls within a specific range determined by the researcher, the participant sees the corresponding report.
- Ranges and specific reports can be created by clicking on the "Add the report by score instead" button.
- The researcher can add multiple point amount ranges and edit them at any time
After ranges are created the researcher can create a separate report for every point range.
It is really important to provide feedback to your participants to make them feel engaged, informed, and heard, to ensure that they would be interested in further research!
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