Final steps
Everything is ready - let's engage participants!
After you have finished the steps necessary to create a study project and can now begin onboarding. Use the organization link to share your studies with participant groups and the population and start engaging!

Public sharing
Researchers can access publishing options by going to the summary tab. On a study card, the researcher has to click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the card. In the dropdown menu, the researcher selects the Public sharing.
This feature provides the opportunity to:
1. Generate a unique study link that can be copied and shared with the participants to access the study.
2. Create a QR code that can be downloaded, added to study PR materials, social media posts, to attract participants
Researcher are able to select a language from a dropdown menu to create a link that will lead the participant to the study content in the language selected.
Our team is ready to provide You assistance in any of the steps and would gladly guide you through the process.

Do not hesitate to contact us via info@longenesis.com if you have any questions or any help is required.
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