Consent Management
Learn how to manage your consent decisions through this guide.
For any study, it is important to handle the consent process in an understandable and dynamic way. Engage platform offers any participant an opportunity to consent to studies, review the documents, revoke and re-sign.

Providing consent
After the user has finished reading the study and decided to participate, the user is required to read the study consent documentation prepared by the researchers. The consent can be provided by checking the box in the upper right corner of the screen and clicking the Give Consent button.
Reviewing and changing consent decision
Users can review the consent status on the study page in the upper right corner of the screen..
By clicking on the three dots next to the consent status Users can access the following options:
- Participant consent: The consent document can be re-read if at some point the participant has any questions about its content.
- Revoke consent: If the user decides to stop participating in the study the consent can be revoked at any time. Engage platform will ask the user to confirm the decision.
It is possible to renew consent for the study by going to the study description page and choosing the Renew Consent option.
The consent can be revoked or renewed at any time.

After revoking the consent Participants' data will be permanently removed in 10 days. To keep the previously provided information, consent has to be renewed in 10 days.
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